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Few days ago, digging through the <engineer menu> I was thinking if there is possible a simpler but deeper way of testing, interrogate or setup the inner sides of our watch phone

Simpler way - sitting comfortably in front of your own computer, no cables, just full control over your watch... sounds like a dream, but, it looks like we are at few mouse clicks distance of it, just think, our watch has bluetooth, behind the bluetooth stays a modem, a modem is controlled by AT commands... sounds better now!

These thoughts made me do a brief google check - in the next minutes I found tones of mtk proprietary AT commands, from testing different functions going as far as to fixing/changing IMEI - amazing or what?

Making all these work took me even less, just couple of minutes, in the following I'll try to explain all the process step by step

Anytime when you connect your phone, FROM your phone bluetooth menu, to a device, in this case our computer, the watch is seen as a <Hands-Free> and/or <Audio Sink> device. What if we connect the watch from computer device (I'm using a Toshiba Stack software but for sure any other will do the job in a very similar way)

  1. Start discovery bluetooth devices in range from your computer. When your watch appears in the list stop the process, select and next

  2. Now the computer asks what kind of service do you prefer

 Just perfect! It is obvious we can connect to the watch through a bluetooth serial port which is amazing! Hence, select serial and next

  3. We'll be asked to assign a COM port, just check default but keep in mind which one was assigned  (in my case is 40, in your case can be any other)

  4. Rename your connection and check "Create shortcut", press Next and Finish

  5. Now our connection is ready! Click twice on the connection shortcut, connecting procedure will start,  eventually there you'll be asked to follow the pairing procedure, after, on your phone display will appear a request window "Accept serial port from Computer?", touch <yes> and tada you're connected

  6. Now, open a hyper-terminal window ( Start / Accessories / Communications / Hyper terminal)

 Choose a name and an icon and hit ok.

As well, choose in the next windows the COM port assigned before for our serial connection as well as the COM speed (9600)

Now the command panel is waiting for our requests, by command line we can test our watch, request informations, change settings etc

I have attached hereunder a list of AT MTK common and proprietary commands, I'm sure you can find much more just searching a bit more than I did

Warning: Use this at your own risk! Be aware that if you're not using wisely and very cautious the AT commands, your watch phone can become in seconds an "unbrickable"  brick

Hope it helps!

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