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ReadBack Extractor mtk feature watchphones - firmware backup utility mtk6260A, mtk6261DA, mtk2502A, mtk2502C etc

Update Mar-12/2016: as long as on the market appeared a long line of new types of mtk6260 mtk6261 mtk2502C mtk2502A (etc) watches equipped with strange new PCB or flash_ID parameters, the new release <Readback Extractor mtk 2.0> now has the capacity to identify, to read, check, rebuild firmware and collect and insert in the .cfg files the flash_ID's coded inside the ROM dump for almost all types of mtk watchphones or smartwatches based on RTOS Nucleus

NOTE: being tested already for mtk6260 mtk6261 mtk2502C and mtk2502A

In short - if you intend to install in your smartwatch new firmwares, mods etc, before to initiate any flashing with the Flash Tool app (pushing that goddamn < Download > button) think twice, 'bove all better DO a backup for the original firmware, why so? because it's containing all original drivers hence you'll be able to recover 100% your watch in case of bricking.

How to:
First you have need of a full dump of your ROM. Assuming that you already got a Flash Tool 5.15.16 and drivers, and you were at the point of flashing something (already chose the download agent and scatter file)

a. Set options/backup and restore on no action
b. load the download agent (you find this file inside the flash tool folder)
c. load a scatter file - for initialization flash tool needs a scatter file (.cfg) - for dz09 you get this one
d. in case you have W10 - go to the start menu and click on power and hold down the shift key while clicking on restart. A screen then comes up and you need to choose troubleshooting and then startup options. It will then reboot and give you a menu. press 7 which is ignore signed drivers and then when windows comes up, you will be able to install the drivers.

for instance let's say you have a DZ09 smartwatch:
1 - press < Readback > in upper menu and so < Add > in the middle menu
2 - click twice on the item appears in the main window, set name as ROM_DZ choose in browser the path and save
3 - set as Physical start address 0x00000000 and as Length 0x01000000 or 0x00800000 or 00400000 (try them in this order) then ok
4 - turn off the watch, press < Readback > in the middle menu wait 2 seconds and connect through USB your watch
5 - wait until the upload is complete (big green ring)

Now second stage:
1 - download the app I've built attached here (Readback Extractor mtk) and unzip it
2 - create a folder where you intend to keep in safe the original firmware and name it for instance DZ09-Orig
3 - do a copy of Readback Extractor mtk 2.0.exe and place it inside the DZ09-Orig folder then click twice on it
4 - press <Load Readback file> and browse after the ROM_DZ file created before with the Flash Tool then open
5 - Wait about a minute while the app will check bit by bit the integrity of your file
6 - If everything went ok and your file is healthy then app will show " health 100% " so you can proceed to the next step
7 - Press <Rebuild Firmware> and wait about one minute (it shows a progress counter)
8 - When appears the message " - ALL DONE!!!" close app and go back in the DZ09-Orig folder, now you'll find there a set of new files which are the original firmware kit ready to be flashed back in your phone anytime you want
9 - Enjoy flashing anything you like without any fear that something bad can happen

AFTERWARDS READ ME story - Anywhere you search, there is no one to tell you explicitly how to extract from your mtk smartwatch the firmware kit
All says a halfmouth: Do a full < Readback > in Flash Tool, you'll do it being confident that from now on you say goodbye to any risk because you have A BACKUP hence you start flashing new firmwares. And the Big Brick is coming , you smile and get back to your < Readback > backup discovering that, sadly, you have a binary bulk at first sight good for nothing. It cannot be so useless, isn't it? after all it contains full dump of your ROM! I was in exactly the same situation, so 'cause I didn't find any answer I've started reverse engineering . . . and it worked, first I did it manually for guys being in the same situation, 've noticed that is a common issue so I had to choose how to help, simpler but dangerous (for you) way, to create a tutorial <how to> or the hard way (hard for me), to develop an app which will do all "cooking" automatically and I choose the second because in manually way there is a quite big "chance" to mess up with your primary bootloader which could get to a real tragedy - no modem - brickest brick you saw in your entire life

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Great add-on to the community Petre. Thx.

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