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There, a usable keyboard on my MQ668!

Now, before you ask for a simple downloadable hack that you can install on any watch phone, here is the bad news: performing this hack requires that you can flash your phone, and specific changes must be made for each specific firmware. I have not yet found a foolproof way to find the keyboard background image aside from trial-and-error. It may not be possible to replace the multi-tap keyboard found on certain phones, let alone add this keyboard.

Figuring out how the keyboard layouts are programmed was not too difficult. Much harder was to reverse engineer the awkward mixed-4-and-8-bit run-length encoded format of the background image. Merely finding these images in the 16 megaBytes of binary data was an ordeal.

Going from the original to Hack 1 took me hours, going from Hack 1 to Hack 2 took me days. I am starting to understand why Russian phone hacking software like Z3x China Editor, ChinaResMan, Gstar-tools, etc. is so expensive and protected with hardware dongles. Reverse engineering all this stuff is a very time-consuming process of making tiny changes, uploading them to the phone, looking at the effect, and figuring out how it all works. Those Russians simply want return on their investment. You're lucky I am not that greedy, and I will put all the information I gathered on my site in due time…

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Another one saved by THE DOCTOR!

Wow! Really Amazing! Impressive! Great! ... there are not enough words for this!

In a different way, we do the same: spending more time adapting a watch phone than gaining time bay the adaptation. I spent days tweeking the Z1, but how much time did I gain because of the tweeks? Not that much I guess. But I also feel the urge the get a perfect watch phone.

Yes, I'll have to enter a whole lot of text on my new smoother keyboard before I get back all the spent time…

Wow, that is amazing! I can't wait for you to put this on your site! I really want to do this as well! haha

Hi there, so bad that lately you have removed from your site all the notes concerning the RLE/RAW compression... I was almost there to have it done ... whatever, excluding the header which is exactly as in your description, they changed the algorithm. If it doesn't bother you to much check by yourself, I attach here a sample of picture extracted from a GT08 ROM


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