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K8 also Known As No.1 D5 smartwatch watch phone Android platform

I purchased mine from Gearbest . 

So.. I am still in the testing phase and seeing all the hype on social media. I can only give my honest opinion when my hands are on and eyes can see it. So I bought myself a K8(d5) this time to test and report. off the back Battery life isn't great, but with some cycling and full drains it should do better.

I will report back when complete. feel free to ask any questions during this time.



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You can Create your very own watch faces... THESE COME WITH THE WATCH.

Hi guys...
The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth work as they should with minimal tweaking. On the other hand, the stand alone capabilities are poor. I have reset the phone to see if it would pick up frequency but it has not. I have also switched out the standard SIM to one that has been calibrated/ setup for wearable. I still have no signal. The data ACCOUNT was also modified with my carriers info and I still don't have service . Before I make my final reviews and statements I will try to contact seller and try the same SIM in the k18.

Still no replaceable strap, am I right?

no replacement strap for the k8...all the antenna are embedded in it. If you are like DR. lex, who had success in a procedure of that nature then the answer is Yes. If you are not then the answer is DON"t Do it!

Petre said:

Still no replaceable strap, am I right?

Man, I did myself this operation for my watch, moved antenna inside, and many other stuffs in order to touch my goal

For people like you, Dr. Lex or me this is a challenge, hence somehow a welcomed event

Still I'd like just to replace it in the old fashion way for my next watch phone... asking too much?

and btw, to be animated by a real operating system (not by android "thing")

Great work!....
I had a few visitors send me there watch phones to mod them... I enjoy that once in a while. But if it's not worth it because of how crappy the unit was made...i would decline.all in all it gives me the experience and tech knowledge to share. I think the s730 was my first watch and transplant with anttena.

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