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System Physical Standard Configuration
Type Details Descriptions
Product Form Product Form Watch
Dimensions 40*47*9.9mm
Weight 56
gift box size 120X84X65mm(56g+139.5g=195.5g)
Small box size 340X190X140mm (56gX10+139.5gX10+205=2.16kg  )
LCD Panel Screen Size 1.44"
Screen Resolution 128*128
Touch Panel Touch Module  yes
Battery  Type Lithium-ion polymer battery
Capacity 3.7V/230mAh
System hardware configuration:
Type Details Descriptions
CPU Type MTK2501
Speed 108MHz
ROM  Flash NOR Flash 24MB
Camera Front Facing NO
Speaker Built-in 8Ω/0.7W speaker x 1
MIC Built-in Yes
G-sensor Built-in Yes
GPS Built-in NO
Bluetooth Built-in BT4.0
Interface Configuration:
Type Details Descriptions
Memory card socket External memory NO
USB interface Data transfer supportive Micro USB 
Headphone jack Music output NO
DC connector Power  Micro USB (with Cap)
Keys Tack Switch POWER ON or Back
Software Configuration:
Type Details Descriptions
Software Feature Operation System Nucleus
Phone Book 1500(Phone&SIM Card)
Phone Call Support (Load Speaker and Receiver Mode)
SMS Support (need APP)
Time Sync. Support
Call History Support access and call 
Music Player  Support
Set Time/Date User-defined
Alarm Support five Set
Stopwatch Support
Sleep monitor(new) Support
Pedometer Support
Remote camera Support
Find phone (new) Support
Language Default China and English(Multi language support)
Smart Phone 
Information notifcation
LINE, Facebook, Instugrate,Facebook Message
QQ,V Message, 
360 etc
Necessary Accessories:
Type Details Descriptions
USB data cable Standard Micro USB Cable




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Okay....I've has the Dm08 , "Smartwatch " for a little more than two weeks and I am pleased with it capabilities.

1. The Packaging is unique to its delivery. It looks like a hardcover book. When you open the cover, it has a nice ,catchy motto of (Leading the fashion of intelligent Life). When the false page is turned the watch is revealed and looks very classy ...I orderd the gold tone with brown strap. It came with an small accordion folded instruction sheet in Chinese and English and in a cleanly concealed compartment to the side holds the Data cable and charging PLug.

2.(MY WATCH) did not need to charge immediately. It still had some charge from china. The installation of the APK is standard has the scan-able   code in the firmware. It is a 2 part connection (1)bluetooth connection (2)Phone and audio connection.   *all media plays through watch.

3. The APK is easy to setup and operate . The DM08 is virtually controlled by it and has 2 APPLICATIONS such as Yahoo Weather and One extra clockface that downloads directly to the watch. This makes me believe (without any further contact with the manufacturer) that there are some small smart phone apps that can be pushed and are compatible to the watch.

4.The DM08 has a leather band that is very comfortable. I truthfully do not know if it is changeable,but it is just a companion watch that doesn't have wire work throughout the band. I will post a definite answer soon.

5. the UI (User interface) is smooth and very classy looking. The firmware is not a on-top display, but the shake to wake up is responsive and works all the time. The longest the watch can stay on is one hour. This function is in the nicely laid out setting in the watch. BT SETTING,CLOCK,SOUND,VOLUME,DISPLAY,MOTION,INTERNATIONAL,APPS,RESET, ABOUT WATCH.

A long press on the touch screen activates the clock face menu. 3 are lodaded on the watch and one has to be pushed from the apk to the watch.

6. I have not tried a water test yet, but some of the promotions say it is waterproof. 

7.Sound quality is great. I do suggest to turn of the RANGE detector that is in the apk.It is very sensitive and will alert when it deems the watch is out of range when in actuality its in your pocket or you raise your hand to do something. the BT is good and the distance is fair.

8. The DM08 is a very elegant looking smartwatch. All of its functions work in-sync with the users lifestyle.I would make this watch my Dinning or Date watch. It doesn't really look like a sports,get dirty type of watch to me. The battery life is good and the charging is quick. 

 Over all the DM08 is a great companion for the price...

I will try to contact the manufacture for more info and firmware update.

Thanks for being apart of the Joe's Tech Review Experience!!!!!!

Click here for DM08 FIRMWARE :$15 donation is welcome.

When I get any other relevant information or I find something new, I will post it.

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