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Some one is capatilizing on the watch phone in USA (iWatch)

Here is a link to a group that are campaining for the "iwatch".... If the people only new's not a new technology"


Please leave comments or help the launch of this (IWATCH).

It looks like something i already see....





The iWatch

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Comment by George Saunders on October 13, 2012 at 1:07pm

I should add that the price would have to be right as well… $250 is over twice what I paid for the TW810.

So yeah, maybe not such a good idea after all.  

Comment by George Saunders on October 13, 2012 at 1:05pm

If they can improve upon the Chinese models, then I'm all for it… and it actually looks like they're offering things that you can't get from the Chinese models-- like designing your own watch faces (not sure what you'd need to do that, though), multiple faces you can download online, and Skype. I'm not so blown away by the TW810 face and since I formatted my drive I lost the other one they included on the watch… and I have no idea where I would download others, or even if it's possible… I'd love to be able to change the clock faces every now and then like you could with the iPod Nano 6.  

If they have A2DP stereo bluetooth with a decent touchscreen and functionality at least as good as the TW series, then as far as I'm concerned they deserve to succeed. 

I don't think there is any watch out there so far that doesn't have at least one serious issue… and appearance-wise this one looks good. It doesn't look as good as the TW810, but it's still not at all ugly. 

I do think the TW810 comes pretty close to being the perfect watch phone, but at the same time so much about it stops frustratingly short of being perfect, and each and every one of its functions has been done better by other devices. 



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