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MI-W3 IP67 Smartwatch Review










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Comment by Joseph C. Grange Jr. on October 13, 2014 at 1:41pm

I'm Happy to say that the Mi W3 from has complied with all of its hype. Right out of the box I had a Premium detachable/interchangeable  leather band and a alloyed/plastic waterproof smartwatch body. The design isn't as streamlined as the MI W2.It has more of a unisexed square digital look . In the boxes second compartment is the dual USB adaptor and Cable. Then at the very bottom of the box is the users manual that has been created with very detailed photos...even in the chinese writing a person can understand the directions. The Mi w2 feels a little heavier due to the thicker alloy on the front. The MiW3's Front alloy plate is thinner because it serves a Medical apparatus, with the assistance of the metal plate on the rear, READS AND MONITORS THE USERS HEART RATE. This was a factor for the new smartwatches to implement.  Most of the functions and layout is almost identical to MIW2. The added icons to the menu scroll is the Heart Rate Icon and the (APP) Icon.  The gesture protocols are different. The way it is implemented on the MIW3 is as follows.... Goto, then press the  Application (app) icon . Locate the Gesture Bright Screen menu..there you will see a new format of adjustable scrolling numbers... (01 to 23) on the left and (1 to 23) on the right. This is the 24hr/military time format. Setting this will make your watch go in total black screen until you shake/wake it up. This new feature along with the new TRANSPARENT screen display helps with battery life. The Transparency of the screen is a very good add on. Many smartwatch/ watch phone users have complained about pressing the button to see the time. With the implement of the gesture protocol, and now the translucency of the screen...always on top time view, the direction is forward not backward. The screen ,when in sleepmode will not respond to touch until activated by button press...THe Gesture Bright control is MOre useful when there is no Ambient light to see the watch screen...thus tilting the watch and the screen comes alive in pitch blackness. SPEAKERS/MICROPHONE : Without dismantling the MIW3  I can say that a different brand of Speaker has been used. The clarity and the distance the user can hear the information/caller from is much better than MOst of the watchphones I've used in the past.The microphone is highly sensitive and the feeling to hold the watch to the mouth is minimum. Removable wristbands are GENUINE LEATHER and standard. If you wanted a different look, just switch/change the wrist strap and your look will be Eye catching.WATERPROOFING: The MI W3 has a Rating of IP67 (click here for IPxx rating chart) . At this time I cannot say with any degree of accuracy if the waterproofing is NANoSpray technology or just Standard Gasket and ring, But the watch is waterproof. This is a big plus for these manufacturers because the consumer is now looking to be healthy and active..this can be translated into more time in the water...beaches...pools and spa's. I am pleased to have a watch of this nature to take my showers with. I will never miss a call.BATTERY: It is said and written there is a 400-500MaH battery in it. I cannot , at this time be positive about that, but from my experience with this watch that was in standby mode from China to USA, then to my door steps...It has an antiquate size battery.   HEART RATE MONITOR: By placing the figures, thumb and pointer on the front of the metal bevel of the watch putting pressure to push the alloy plate on the rear of the watch, to the wrist. This creates a complete Array/Circuit for the pulse to be read and monitored. Findings can be stored on the watch then transferred to APK app on phone. I am pleased with this smartwatch/blutooth watch. MIMI has listened to the people and has produce a first generation of the MI W3.... (SPOILER ALERT)  :) 

 Joe..Joe's Tech Review

Comment by Paul Tester on October 12, 2014 at 4:32am
I like the look of this one, looking forward to the review.
Comment by Joseph C. Grange Jr. on October 10, 2014 at 8:01pm

Inside the Package...

Comment by Joseph C. Grange Jr. on October 10, 2014 at 7:32pm

Just got the MIW3 from the DHL Man...

More to come info when I open the package..



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